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Tiny dick size humiliation abuse by Mistress Josephine

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Welcome to my SPH (small penis humiliation) website! My name is Goddess Josephine. Many women don’t understand the erotic humiliation of SPH or small cock humiliation because it defies male ego. After all what woman would want a tiny dick less than 7 inches? It’s incapable of giving a woman sexual pleasure, however a tiny penis man can easily be manipulated and controlled. He has accepted his smallness and there isn’t anything he can do about it, therefore he also accepts the fact that he can become the object of entertainment. SPH fetishist enjoy the erotic humiliation of having their tiny shrimp dicks laughed at. Women like me enjoy not only laughing at it but reminding him that his cock is quite useless in ever giving me sexual pleasure.

I am an expert at small penis humiliation. I enjoy laughing and forcing him to do things a real man would never do. I might make him wear panties, force him to suck cock, have him entertain my friends by showing them what a pathetic little dick he has. It’s all about control and a tiny penis man is the easiest of all to control.
I also enjoy small cock humiliation phone sex which is why I do this for a living. I created this web site to have fun with small cocks by giving them humiliating assignments to entertain me and all my friends. I am a lifestyle cuckoldress that enjoys cuckolding and turning small dick men into cock sucking pansies. The smaller the cock the better. Let me turn you into a sissy with a clitty or a pathetic groveling loser.

If your cock is too small to please a woman then you belong here. If you’re use to getting laughed at by women because your cock is too small then you’ve found a great website created just for SPH. I enjoy making fun of you and you’ll enjoy having me and my friends laugh at your worthless little appendage. If you’re addicted to masturbation then I’ll help you control that tiny penis and show you how to give me pleasure in other ways. If you have a cam I’ll watch you and laugh at your tiny penis. I’ll teach you how to do things to make me laugh even harder. Let’s face it loser boy, you’ll never measure up so you might as well join my tiny penis club and make your measly life count. Prepare yourself for extreme penis humiliation. No woman wants a short dick man.

Call me for some serious SPH fun. The only sex you’ll ever get here is to be laughed at over the phone while having phone sex. It’s also for losers into CFNM (clothed female – naked male) that want to completely expose their tiny penises to a superior woman. I am the harshest humiliatrix you’ll ever meet. Call me now loser and be prepared to be laughed at and ridiculed for being born with a tiny cock.
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